Alpha In Her Blood (sinderswirl) wrote in torilovers,
Alpha In Her Blood

Oakland, CA Tori Show

I have a ticket for sale, I'm only asking face value for ticket, $65, what I bought it for. It's for the Oakland show at the Paramount Theatre which is tiny, in 2 weeks, Dec. 7th. It's row BB which is the 2nd row of the rear floor section. That is 17th row and it's seat 113 or something which is SLIGHTLY to the right, so it's middle right, which is pretty much the way she faces.

Please send me a message thru my profile page or email me at nauticalangel at hotmail dot com if you're interested or you know anyone that is. I'd prefer to meet up to exchange the ticket, just so there's no room for error or mix up, plus I'll be sitting next to this seat at the show.

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